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  • ADS Worldwide ADS 30 Mixer Amplifier

    30W rms In goede staat! Used  59,95 incl. 23% BTW
  • Apart MA60 100 volt 60W mengversterker

    De Apart MA60 100 volt 60W mengversterker is ontwikkeld om het de eindgebruiker en installateur zo gemakkelijk mogelijk te maken. Hij is dan ook voorzien van een gebruiksvriendelijke voorkant met intuïtieve knoppen en een logische achterzijde.
     149,95 incl. 23% BTW
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    Bose MA200 MA 200 200W AMPLIFIER MODULE

    Bose MA200 MA 200 200W AMPLIFIER MODULE   Used Oorspronkelijke prijs was: € 79,95.Huidige prijs is: € 59,95. incl. 23% BTW
  • Aanbieding

    Eagle International TPA20 oproep versterker

    22W 220V Oorspronkelijke prijs was: € 69,95.Huidige prijs is: € 39,95. incl. 23% BTW
  • Focon FO-102 Public Address Amplifier 102

    In nette staat! Used  59,95 incl. 23% BTW
  • Paso 480W eindversterker AW5548

    3 zones and Plug and Play, CAT5 with power output up to 480W Main features: • Selective calling to three zones by means of pre-amplified microphone bases of the 700 range (AW5524 and AW 5548 only) • Balanced line input and output . • Top-priority emergency input (VOX function) for an audio collection to a PABX or to microphone bases. • Music On Hold function • 50/70/100V or 8 Ohm outputs • Easy to install with connections to the bases and to other units of the 5500 range by means of RJ45 sockets (CAT5). • Built-in and adjustable chime generator. • Cooled by means of a fan at a speed that is variable depending on the temperature and with electronic protection of the end stage. Specificaties :
    • Output power: 480 W RMS.
    • Frequency response: 30/20kHz.
    • Output voltages: at 50/70/100V or 8 Ohms;
    • Power supply: 230/115 VAC and 24 VDC;
    • Controls: 3 music/zone selection keys, treble/bass controls, master volume control.
    • Connections: line input, RJ45 sockets connecting bases (CAT5 SFTP), line output for connecting other amplifiers, loudspeaker output terminal strip, zone selection terminal strip, 24 V power supply terminal strip, precedence and override connection terminal strip, line output and power for “Music on Hold” terminal strip, activation and adjustment of the warning signal (chime), emergency input for PABX
          Refurbished  349,95 incl. 23% BTW
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    TOA A1031 5 Input Mixer Amplifier 30W

    TOA’s basic PA mixer-amplifier, offering performance at low cost, aimed at paging and background music applications in schools offices, shops. One microphone input features level-activated ducking, taking precedence over the other inputs. Power is AC/DC, and speaker outputs are 100V, 70V and 4ohms, in a range of power ratings. The front panel has level controls for three microphone and two auxiliary inputs, bass cut, treble cut, master volume, LED level display and power switch with LED. The rear has terminals for DC input; loudspeaker outputs using M4 screws, with cover plate; connectors for inputs and record outputs; ducking level control. Technical Specification:
    • Mic 1 input: -55dBV (1.8mV), balanced, for low impedance mic, 5-pin Din connector
    • Mic 2,3 inputs: -55dBV (1.8mV), unbalanced, for 600ohms mic, two-pole 6.35 mm jack
    • Aux1 input: -20dBV (100mV), unbalanced, 10k ohms, two-pole 6.35 mm jack
    • Aux2 inputs(1): -20dBV (100mV), unbalanced, 10k ohms, RCA (phono)
    • Frequency response: 100-10,000Hz, +/- 3dB
    • Distortion: Less than 1% at 1kHz, 1/3 rated power
    • Signal to noise: Better than 92dB, all volume controls shut. Better than 75dB; master volume fully open; all input volumes shut
    • Tone controls: Bass; 0 to -10dB, 100Hz. Treble; 0 to -10dB, 10kHz
    • Recording output: 0dBV, 600 ohms minimum load, unbalanced. Dual RCA (phono) connectors
    • Speaker outputs: 100V, 70V line, 4ohm, balanced
    • Power output(2) : 30W/45W
    • Power source, AC: 220-240V, 50/60Hz, fixed lead with UK plug
    • Power source, DC: 12V
    • Dimensions: 420(w) x 103(h) x 262(d) mm
    • Weight: 5kg
    • Power consumption(3): 120W AC/5A DC
    Refurbished Oorspronkelijke prijs was: € 84,95.Huidige prijs is: € 69,95. incl. 23% BTW
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    Toa A1806 60w 3 mic 3 aux zone selector and chime amplifier

    The A-1800 series are more sophisticated than TOA’s A-1000 and A-1700 series, offering more inter-connectivity options, such as inputs for paging, telephone and emergency signals, combined with features such as balanced inputs, remote control and AC/DC powering. Speaker outputs are to two zones, and offer 100V line or low impedance connection. The front panel has level controls for three microphone inputs and three auxiliary inputs. There are bass and treble adjustments, master volume, LED level display and power switch with LED. Two switches select which zones are in use. LEDs show the status of the Emergency and Telephone functions. The rear has IEC power inlet; loudspeaker outputs using M4 screws; connectors for inputs and outputs. Two M4 terminals are for the connection of 24V DC power source. Microphones 1- 3, Aux 3 (mono) are connected using connectors combining XLR3 and 3-pole jack sockets. Aux 1 and Aux 2 inputs feature dual RCA (phono) connectors , mixing dual channel sources to mono. The record output also has dual RCA connectors to feed both channels of a stereo recording device. Two RCA connectors provide line out; by default they are both fed with the same signal as the power amplifier, but may be configured individually, internally, to follow the zone selection switches, such that line out 1/2 operates when Zone1/2 is active. A miniature (DIP) switch bank provides phantom power for microphone inputs 1 to 3 and sets operation of muting and chimes. A further terminal block provides connections for the emergency and telephone inputs, ‘Music on hold’ output, and control signals. Four rotary controls set levels for the music on hold output (fed by the signal on the Aux 1 input), emergency and telephone paging signals, chimes. Microphone input 1 is equipped with a switch to divert the input connection to a 5-pin DIN connector. This allows the connection of a PM-660D paging microphone, which is fitted with a press to talk switch. Chimes can be set from none to four tones, for use with the paging mic facility and/or telephone announcements. Priority configuration is comprehensive, and the returning programme signal fades back smoothly. For more information concerning configuration, please contact Technical Support for a copy of the manual (.pdf).
    Technical Specification:
    Mic inputs: -60dBV, balanced, for low impedance mic, XLR3 / three-pole 6.35mm jack
    Mic 1 input 2: Alternative 5-pin DIN, with PTT contacts
    Aux1, 2 inputs (1): -20dBV, unbalanced, dual RCA (phono)
    Aux3 input: -20dBV, unbalanced, XLR3 / three-pole 6.35mm jack
    ‘Telephone’ input: 0dBV, unbalanced, 10k ohms, screw terminals
    Emergency input: 0dBV, unbalanced, screw terminals
    Frequency response: 50-20,000Hz, +/- 3dB
    Distortion: Less than 2 percent at 1kHz, rated power
    Signal to noise: Better than 100dB, master volume shut. Better than 76dB; master volume fully open; all input volumes shut. Better than 60dB; Mic 1-4. Better than 76dB; Aux 1-5
    Tone controls: Bass; +/-10dB, 100Hz. Treble; +/-10dB, 10kHz
    Recording output: 0dBV, unbalanced. Dual RCA (phono) connectors
    Line outputs: 0dBV, unbalanced. Two RCA (phono) connector
    Music on hold: 0dBV, transformer balanced, screw terminals
    Control inputs: Telephone: Closing contact to activate, 24V DC, 5mA. Emergency: Closing contact to activate, 24V DC, 10mA
    Control outputs: Power remote; Open collector, withstand 35V, below 50mA
    Speaker outputs: Zone 1;100V line. Zone 2; 100V line. Direct; 100V line, 4ohm, balanced
    Model: A1803 A1806 A1812
    Power output(2) : 30W 60W 120W
    Power consumption(3) : 80W / 2A 158W / 3.8A 260W / 7A
    Weight: 8.1kg 9.4kg 12.6kg
    Power source: AC: 220-230V AC, 50/60Hz. DC: 24V
    Environment: -10 to +40 degrees C
    Dimensions: 420(w) x 107.7(h) x 367(d) mm
    In nette staat !! Oorspronkelijke prijs was: € 179,95.Huidige prijs is: € 129,95. incl. 23% BTW
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