W&T Web-Thermograph 57609 Netwerk Thermometer

W&T Web-Thermograph 57609 Netwerk Thermometer

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  • Monitor temperatures and curves with your browser
    • HTML page design user-variable
    • Direct access to current temperature value, e.g., for integration into other Web pages
  • SNMP temperature polling /Alarm traps for incorporating into your existing SNMP management system
  • A new measurement is available every 4 seconds!
  • Time synchronization via time server calibration
  • E-mail for alarm or reporting functions
  • Adapters:
    • 10/100MBit
    • Pt100 sensor not included
  • Easy Start:
    • Connect sensor and network cable
    • Connect supply voltage
    • Assign IP number
    • That’s it!
  • Application examples:
    • Monitor temperatures in the server room, network cabinet or office
    • Direct display of multiple measuring points in the browser via Java applet
    • Send alarms when limits are exceeded via e-mail, SNMP trap, TCP client, Syslog
    • Logging of the measured values via FTP, Excel file, e-mail attachment, internal memory
  • Software interfaces
    • HTTP, Web browser
    • AJAX, JavaScript and Java applet
    • TCP and UDP sockets, client and server
    • OPC server
    • SMTP (e-mail)
    • SNMP (including trap)
    • SYSLOG
    • FTP (data logging)
  • Green IT: Monitor efficiency of the server room climate control

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