Wireless Telemetry USB Base Station T24-BSUWireless Telemetry USB Base Station T24-BSU
Wireless Telemetry USB Base Station T24-BSU 2Wireless Telemetry USB Base Station T24-BSU 2

Wireless Telemetry USB Base Station T24-BSU

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The Mantracourt USB base station is required for the configuration of all T24 modules and is greatly simplified by the free T24 Toolkit software for Windows supplied upon purchase. Data can also be captured by the base station from an unlimited number of T24 Acquisition modules to provide a wireless data logger.
The integral antenna offers up to 100m (325 ft) range in an open field site. An industrial base station (T24-BSi) is also available with a different antenna providing up to 200m (650 ft) range. This device also offers RS232 and RS485 interfaces.
For software developers, a standard Windows DLL and COM driver are available to enable data collection from T24 acquisition modules.
The licence free 2.4GHz direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) radio technology offers high integrity, error free communications which can co-exist with other wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® and Zigbee®. ETSI, FCC and IC approvals.

  • Provides wireless data acquisition from T24 Acqusition Modules
  • Configures any T24 Telemetry module via USB
  • Powered from USB
  • Up to 100m (325 ft) range
  • Miniature desk or wall mounting enclosure
  • Zonder software.


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