Wacom Intuos3 Five-Button Mouse ZC-100

Wacom Intuos3 Five-Button Mouse ZC-100

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• The Intuos3 five-button programmable mouse is ball-free, optics-free, and battery-free for smooth accurate tracking and reliably superior performance. Its ambidextrous low-profile design and nice weight balance give it just the right feel. Alternating between the pen and the mouse reduces repetitive motion.

• Five mouse buttons – Five freely programmable mouse buttons offer massive scope for user-friendly functionality, particularly since keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl-V are programmable.

• Left-handed and right-handed operators can use the mouse with its programmable mouse buttons.

• Finger wheel – With the finger wheel the Intuos3 mouse offers an extremely accurate control element for an extra dimension.

• Pinpoint accuracy – An ordinary mouse has a resolution of 400 up to 800 dpi. The Intuos3 mouse has a resolution of 5,080 dpi.

• Tool ID – Customize your pens with Tool ID, each Intuos3 input device can be individually programmed and configured for each application.

• No cable and battery!


Compatible Wacom Tablet Model:

Wacom Intuos 3 Series

• PTZ-430

• PTZ-431W

• PTZ-630

• PTZ-631W

• PTZ-930

• PTZ-1230

• PTZ-1231



• Unit Dimensions: approx 4.4 x 2.2 x 1.5in.

• Mouse Button: 5 Buttons

• Mouse Wheel: Yes



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