Tiptel 215 Clip antwoordapparaat

Tiptel 215 Clip antwoordapparaat

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  • Digital sound chip, up to 30 minutes recording timeAnswering after 2. to 8. call signal adjustable
  • 2 individual announcements with a length of 2 minutes each (one announcement with recording, the other one without)
  • Caller identification (CLIP)*
  • Callers list of last 69 numbers and VIP-list with the last 24 numbers
  • Direct return call from the callers lists and during the rendition of messages
  • 30 minutes recording time
  • Maximum time for each message: 2 minutes
  • One announcement with recording, the other one without (2 minutes each)
  • Automatic activation of “only-announcement” when memory is full
  • Every recording with weekday and time
  • Listen-along during recording
  • Call pickup during automatic answering possible
  • Memo-function for recording information directly at the Tiptel 215 (maximum length: 2 minutes each)
  • Batteries for data storage in case of power loss enclosed (4 pieces, 1,5V AAA)
  • Large LCD-display and language statements for optimal handling


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