Siemens Optiset E Entry

Siemens Optiset E Entry

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The Siemens Optiset E Entry Phone has a simple and robust design, including standard two-wire cabling, three programmable feature keys with LED display, last number redial and volume control. The Siemens Optiset E Entry Telephone design and features are best suited to public areas such as receptions, lobbies, waiting rooms and hallways.


  • 3 programmable feature keys
  • LED display lamps
  • Last number redial
  • Volume control
  • Siemens Optiset E telephones are used worldwide as communication terminals for HiPath systems.
  • Thanks to the innovative Siemens optiset E adapter concept, this range of telephones can be modified with adapters to meet the requirements of individual workstations, as required.

Programmable feature keys provide for simplified interactivity. The ergonomic push-buttons ensure easy operation, while the automatic line seizure simplifies the dialing procedure.

LED keys give the user an immediate overview of any activated features.

Features can be activated directly (using a code) via the service key. Important features can be assigned to an individual feature key.


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