Siemens Hipath STMD3 S30810-Q2217-X10-4 module

Siemens Hipath 3800 STMD3 S30810-Q2217-X10 module

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Digital S0 Module (STMD3)
For OpenScape Business X8 and HiPath 3800;
For S0 subscriber equipment, ISDN exchange trunk connections (BRI) or S0 tie-trunk connections to HiPath systems (using CorNet N or CorNet NQ) or to non-Siemens switches (using QSIG).

For EMC reasons, a “front face plate” is also required. The card provides 8 ports for a total of 16 B-channels per card. Up to 6 cards can be installed in one OSBiz X8 or HiPath 3800 system box, but no more than 8 cards are supported in the same OSBiz X8 or HiPath 3800 system. Only released in USA for networking and server connections.

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consisting of:1 S30810-Q2217-X10 STMD3

Product Usage:
Core HiPath 3000 V9
—> HiPath 3000 V9 config
—> HiPath 3000 V9 not config
M45 – Core HiPath 3000 V8
—> HiPath 3000 V8 IM config
—> HiPath 3000 V8 IM not config
Core OpenScape Business V1
—> OpenScape Business V1 config
—> OpenScape Business V1 not config
Core HiPath 3000 V8 DIR Erweiterungen
—> M45 – HiPath 3000 V8 DIR Erweiterungen

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