ShoreTel BB24 IP Phone Module Programmable Button Box
ShoreTel BB24 IP Phone Module

ShoreTel BB24 IP Phone Module Programmable Button Box

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ShoreTel BB24 IP Phone Button Box

The ShoreTel IP Phone BB24 programmable button box provides operators and assistants with at-a-glance presence information and fast, one-button feature access. The 24 buttons can be customized to suit the needs of different users. Self-labeling keys eliminate paper labels, saving time while ensuring the accuracy of configuration.

The only IP-based device on the market, the BB24 IP Telephone BLF Module includes an Ethernet switch and provides PoE power forwarding for one downstream device. Up to four devices can be associated with an IP Phone.

ShoreTel BB24 IP phone button box silver color BB24 programmable BLF KLM ModuleShoreTel IP Phone BB24 BLF/KLM Features:

  • 24 line / feature keys
  • PoE pass-thru
  • Fully programmable
  • Note: Compatible with all models except
  • the IP 115, 110, 655, and IP 8000

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