Philips FTR9964 FTR996412 E-Box Plasma Tv Receiver

Philips FTR9964 FTR9964/12 E-Box Plasma Tv Receiver

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The FTR9964 or E-Box is a separate set top box that connects directly to the Philips Plasma Tv panel with a very high quality shielded true 15-pin VGA type cable.

What does it do?

  • Adds digital noise reduction
  • Digital Crystal Clear picture enhancement, including Dynamic Contrast, SVM, 3-line digital comb filter, and Color enhancement
  • Digital Natural Motion
  • Two Tuner PIP (Picture-In-Picture) with split-screen and mosaic capability
  • Six Widescreen modes, including auto-format
  • When the E-Box is connected to a separate, Optional digital converter, your Philips Flat TV is also compatible with digital signals
  • 6 A/V inputs
  • NTSC tuner and remote
  • Active control system can implement over 3,000 picture adjustments per minute to deliver the best-possible picture
  • Digital crystal-clear processing provides multiple video treatments to ensure optimal picture performance

What are the benefits?

Digital Natural Motion – No more “Smearing” of the picture. Natural 3D look. Reproduces smooth movement which makes entire viewing experience more natural. This advanced analog picture processing is great for DVD and broadcast TV.

Seven (7)Viewing Modes – This allows the user the choice of how they want to view the material. The format modes are as follows: 4:3,Movie Expand 14:9, Movie Expand 16:9,Movie Expand 16:9 with subtitling, SuperWide, Widescreen, and Auto Format.

DualTuner Dual Window PIP – Inside the E-Box, is an NTSC (analog) TV tuner. This allows the viewer to watch two shows at the same time with “Split Window” PIP.

Additional A/V Inputs – Allows for connection of up to six additional A/V components (including an HD set top box and a progressive scan DVD player).

Active Control Plus+ – Active Control Plus+ is a unique, intelligent, and proactive control system, which continuously measures and analyzes the incoming signal 60 times per second to automatically adjust settings for optimal picture quality. Active Control Plus+ also uses a sensor to adjust for ambient room light, the room gets brighter, so does the picture.

APAC™ (Automatic Phosphor Aging Compensation) – When black bars are present on screen (either on the sides or the top and bottom),APAC™ imperceptibly moves the picture up and down or back and forth helping to prevent the dreaded screen burn-in. Think of APAC™ as a screen saver for your television.

Installation – A specially designed VGA type cable connects the E-Box to the Plasma panel. The picture, sound, and infrared control of the E-Box is achieved through the IR port on the Plasma panel. This freedom of control allows the E-Box to be hidden away with the rest of the A/V equipment.

Philips FTR9964 Connections
  • Front
    • S-Video in (Y/C)
    • video CVBS (cinch)
    • audio L/R-in (cinch) with automatic mono switching
    • headphone jack 3.5mm
  • Rear
    • AV 1 :
      • Video CVBS, audio L-R
      • S-Video (Y/C)
    • AV 2 :
      • Video CVBS, audio L-R
    • AV 3 :
      • Video CVBS, audio L-R
      • S-Video (Y/C)
    • AV 4 :
      • Component video in
      • YPbPr, audio L-R (+CVBS)
    • AV 5 :
      • Component video in
      • YPbPr (2Fh for DVD),
      • audio L-R
      • R/G/B/H/V (cinch) + audio L-R
    • Record out:
      • Video CVBS out, audio L-R out
    • Sound out:
      • 2 audio out L-R, Constant/ Variable level
      • 1 surround sound out,Variable level
    • VGA in : 15pin sub-D, audio L-R
    • Monitor/VGA out : 15pin sub-D, audio L-R
    • Antenna input : 75Ohm F-pin

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