Pepperl Fuchs Z961 Z-Series Safe Snap Barrier 250V

Pepperl Fuchs Z961 Z-Series Safe Snap Barrier 250V

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  • 2-channel
  • AC version
  • Working voltage 6.5 V at 10 µA
  • Series resistance max. 106 Ω
  • Fuse rating 100 mA
  • DIN rail mounting

The Zener Barrier prevents the transfer of unacceptably high energy from the safe area into the hazardous area. The zener diodes in the Zener Barrier are connected in the reverse direction. The breakdown voltage of the diodes is not
exceeded in normal operation. If this voltage is exceeded, due to a fault in the safe area, the diodes start to conduct, causing the fuse to blow. The Zener Barrier has alternating polarities, i. e. interconnected zener diodes are employed and one side is grounded. The Zener Barrier can be used for both alternating voltage signals and direct voltage signals.
Depending on the application, increased or decreased intrinsic safety parameters apply for serial or parallel connection. For the detailed parameters refer to the Zener Barrier certificate. Application examples can be found in the system description of the Zener Barriers.

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