Langmatz Pedestrian Signal Requester EK 424 plus

Langmatz Pedestrian Signal Requester EK 424 plus

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system. The Langmatz Signal Requester EK 424 plus for pedestrians is an innovative product with tried and tested properties. Its multifunctional configuration options give you planning flexibility and keep your costs lower. The equipment is designed exclusively using capacitive sensors with a dynamic measuring principle. If any change occurs in the sensor’s request zone, such as gum being stuck to it or a film of ice, it incorporates the change into the resonant circuit when a pedestrian makes a request. The self-regulating resonant circuit does not trigger continuous operation.

• Suitable for any pole diameter
• Multifunctional configuration options
• Combination options for signal request

Stability and reliability
• High mechanical resistance to vandalism
• Compact, easy-install design
• Temperature range -25° C to +60° C
• Approved by all major signal engineering firms

Easy installation
• Screw-on lighting pole installation
• Universal stainless steel pole adapter for all common pole diameters

• Large push button with floating contact micro switch
• Sensor button with dynamic capacitive sensor
• Visual confirmation

Designation: Signal Requester EK 424 plus for pedestrians
Requirements: meets RiLSA and DIN VDE 0832
Protection class: II
Degree of protection: IP 54
Universal voltage: AC 24 V–230 V ; DC 24 V–40 V
Maximum sensor current load: 100 mA
Sensor current draw: < 1 mA
Maximum LED power
consumption: 2 W
Auxiliary relay (optional): 230 V–1 A
Material: Solid colour polycarbonate (PC)
Colour: Yellow – similar to RAL 1023
Mechanical properties: High notch impact strength
High flexural strength
Thermal properties: Self-extinguishing UL/V1
Resistant from -40°C to 125°C
Optical properties: UV-resistant
Electrical properties: Insulation resistance >1016 Ω cm DIN 53482
and VDE 0303/T3
Chemical properties: Resistant to petrol and aliphatic saturated hydrocarbons

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