KPN Alcatel 4094 CTI So Powered plugware module

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The alcatel 4094 cti plugware module is a so powered computer telephony integration (cti) adaptor that is compatible with the alcaltel omnipcx 4400 telephone system. The so interface of the alcatel 4094 cti module allows for an so bus to be connected to the alcatel lucent omnipcx enterprise communications server via a ua link. This, in turn, allows other so equipped terminals to be connected, such as so sets, pcs with so interfaces, faxes or modems. The 4094 cti so interface can be used alone or in conjunction with an alcatel lucent 9 series set telephone or an alcatel lucent reflexes set telephone. Bruikbaar bij: vox supreme novo vox compact vox delta behorend bij de d35x toestellen.
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