Intermec CK1 handscanner

Intermec CK1 handscanner

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  • Lightweight, ergonomic design allows for single-handed operation
  • Choices of integrated barcode laser or linear imager scanner
  • Large 160×160 display for flexibility in application design
  • Customize with a flexible rapid development tool
  • Linux(R)-based operating system
  • Powerful 67MHz processor to support large look-up tables or data storage

Choice of data communication tools

Companies of all sizes can now realize the benefits of automatic data collection with the Intermec CK1, a powerful and flexible batch data collection terminal for retail, light industrial, and medical/pharmaceutical applications requiring small-sized ergonomics at an economical price.

With choices of simplified programming tools or pre-loaded applications, linear imager or barcode scanner, along with large memory and a crisp display, Intermec’s CK1 can benefit the bottom line through increased employee productivity and inventory accuracy.

The Intermec CK1 offers features and functionality found in terminals much larger and more costly. With an ergonomic keyboard and a pocket-sized form factor, the Intermec CK1 allows for easy single-handed operation when it is demanded. An optional removable pistol grip is available for scan intensive applications.

The Intermec CK1 has a choice of bar code input options: an integrated laser scanner, or a highly responsive linear imager, offering safe user interaction and aggressive decoding performance. The large, scratch resistant 160×160 pixel display with backlight provides user-friendly navigation in all lighting conditions, as well as flexibility in application design. Continuing the Intermec legacy of rugged construction, the Intermec CK1 withstands multiple 1.2 meter (4 feet) drops to a hard surface.

Users will appreciate the simplicity of pre-written batch applications, powerful rapid application development tools or extensive SDK for flexible application choices offered by the Intermec CK1. It combines a Linux based operating system and Linux programming tools to provide a powerful and flexible open source platform for rich end-user applications with multi-tasking capabilities. Use Intermec CK1 right out of the box with pre-written programs for various applications, or for powerful and rapid application development, a Windows (R) based rapid development tool can be purchased that requires no programming experience.

Intermec’s CK1 has a powerful ARM 7, 67MHz processor with 16MB Flash to support large lookup tables or data storage. A replaceable Lithium-Ion battery supports extended rigorous use and a fast 3-hour recharge.

Battery not included.

Numerous docking options are available including a single-slot RS232 or modem dock and a multi-slot USB charging dock.

Inclusief Dock

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