Humantechnik Flashtel Comfort big button telefoon

Humantechnik Flashtel Comfort big button telefoon

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  • adjustable hearing amplification (+18 dB) inductive hearing amplification for hearing aid users
  • additional signal detection by built-in flash (switchable)
  • ergonomic design: large buttons, clearly legible display, tangible good handset
  • Simple operation via buttons and sliders
  • Automatic illumination of the display and keyboard via motion
  • Displays the number transferred before takeoff
  • Handsfree and Monitoring
  • Emergency call function and power failure protection
  • Security you get as standard

Flashtel comfort ensures safety. The upper one-touch key can be set for emergency calls. By pressing a button to send to friends, relatives or an emergency call center before your record- ed message.
Connection: T-NET (PSNT)
ISDN connection only via PBX or converter


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