Harmer+Simmons Saft SM600 Modular 600 Watt switch mode power unit

 149,95 incl. 21% BTW

Modular 600 Watt switch mode power unit designed specifically or PABX and small telecoms applications.
Rating from a single rectifier:12A output (48Vdc operation).


  • E12A output (48Vdc operation)
  • 25A output (24Vdc operation)

Key features
• Boost (for vented cells)
• Close voltage regulation
• Remote monitoring/alarms
• Convection cooled
• High reliability
• Horizontal 19″ rack mounting
• High power factor
• Sinusoidal input current demand
to EN610003-3-2 (on units with
pf >0.9, refer to table)
• CE marked (refer to table)


  • AC input voltage Refer to table
  • Frequency 45 – 65Hz
  • Number of phases Single
  • Power factor Refer to table
  • Total harmonic distortion (THD) Refer to table
  • Full load input current Refer to table


  • Output voltage Refer to table
  • Output current Refer to table
  • Current share Within 10% for two or three rectifiers in parallel
  • Load and line regulation Less than 1% for operating input voltage range and load variation from zero to rated load
  • Ripple and noise 2mV psophometric weighted, 50mV flat to CCITT
  • Transient response Output voltage recovers to within regulation band with a load change 10% to100%
  • or 100% to 10% within 4mS
  • Temperature coefficient Less than ± 0.015%/°C
  • Polarity Bipolar


  • Output current limit Current characteristic is constant current between 100% rated load down to short circuit.
  • Automatic recovery to normal operation on removal of abnormal load
  • Output overvoltage Factory pre-set. Re-set by reconnection of AC input supply. When more than one unit is
  • operating in parallel only faulty unit will shut down
  • Inrush current Less than 20A peak at nominal mains
  • EMC EN55022, Level B, FCC (Part 15 Subpart B)
  • Safety BS 6301, IEC950, EN60950 EN41003


  • Operating temperature 0°C to +50°C inlet ambient
  • Storage temperature -40°C to +80°C
  • Humidity Up to 95% RH non-condensing
  • Altitude 0 – 4000m operating – 0 – 12000m non-operating

Mechanical specification

  • Dimensions Case A 220mm (3U) H, 80mm W, 375mm D
  • Case B 88mm (2U) H, 482mm W, 260mm D
  • Mounting Case A shelf/rack mounting – Case B 19″ rack mounting – (Refer to table)
  • Weight 6.0kg



Extra informatie

Gewicht 10 kg


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