Gemalto IDBridge CT30 (PC Twin USB (TR) HWP108765D

Gemalto IDBridge CT30 (PC Twin USB (TR) HWP108765D

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IDBridge smart card readers are designed for securing network access, using the Gemalto PC Core hardware and firmware, handling all types of ISO7816 compatible smart cards. Several different models are available to adapt to every host PC interfaces and Smart Card usages.

As the rates of identity theft increases, more and more companies are turning to smart technology to secure their networks. Enterprises, governments and financial institutions are rapidly deploying a smart card infrastructure for logical access and protecting the privacy of on-line bank customers and web shoppers.

Gemalto’s user-friendly smart card readers are an integrated part of more global authentication solutions. Built on the latest technology they offer reliability and are certified by the major computing and banking organizations ensuring easy deployment. Our diversified series includes readers for desktops, laptops, for SIM size card and readers for Pin entry.

IDBridge CT30:

  • Innovative transparent design to highlight the card
  • Modular concept with accessories: stand, floppy disk tray,
  • to simplify logistics and inventory
  • Maximum usability and reliability with non removable cable, preventing reader unplugs
  • Compact and lightweight to optimize shipping expenses on large project deployment, fitting in a standard postal envelope size

PC Twin serial:

  • Innovative transparent design to highlight the card
  • Modular concept with accessories: stand, floppy disk tray,

Serial connection

Several accessories have been developped to be used with the new PC USB TR reader, based on an innovative modular concept, and providing several ways of use and integration.
All the accessories are very simple to use and install. The user needs no technical knowledge nor mechanical tools.

  • Flexibility for deployment
  • one reader fits all PC installed bases
  • several hardware configurations are possible

not dependent of the PC’s connection ports any more

Ease of use

  • uses existing PC USB TR drivers
  • no mechanical tools needed for use with PC USB TR

    A cost effective product

  • just select the product configuration you need

Dit is een nieuw product !!

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