D-LINK DKVM-4K Auto PC Splitter 4-way switch

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These keyboard, screen and mouse switches (KVM: keyboard, video, mouse) allow control of 4 different server PCs with just one keyboard, monitor and mouse. They are easy to use and very powerful.

• Controls up to 4 PCs using a single keyboard, monitor and mouse
• Saves money, space and energy at the workplace
• Compatible with PS2 systems
• Video resolution up to 2048 x 1536 pixels
• Emulation of the keyboard and mouse during the boot process
• Switching via hotkey or push button
• Compact desktop unit
• Supports Microsoft IntelliMouse
• Support for VGA, SVGA, composite, multi-sync monitors
• Convenient auto scan mode (auto detection)
• Acoustic feedback when switching between computers
• Automatic saving of the status of the Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock key for each computer
• No software required

Included with delivery:
• Toggle switch
2 x keyboard/mouse/video cable 1.8 m

Technical information



  • 1 on 4 PCs
  • Type : KVM Auto PC Splitter
  • Assembly : Incl. 2x 1.8 m cable


  • Resolution :2048 x 1536

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