Beyerdynamic MCW-D 2071 Wireless digital Delegate Microphone Unit

Beyerdynamic MCW-D 2071 Wireless digital Delegate Microphone Unit

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The MCW-D 2071 delegate microphone unit is equipped with a microphone button in the housing with which the participant can switch his microphone on and off. With the Automatic Channel
Allocation function the transmitting channels of the microphone units are allocated automatically. When the microphone button is pressed in the manual operating mode the request-to-talk is received by the control unit (a possible external dual colour LED will illuminate red). Then the control unit checks which of the available receiving channels (as standard 4, extended version up to 7) is free.
Then the control unit informs the microphone unit which channel it should use for transmitting. When the channel of the microphone unit is set and checked by the control unit, the microphone
is switched on (dual colour LED changes from red to green). The ready-to-talk status of the microphone is also indicated by the red ring around the gooseneck microphone. In the Request-to-Talkmode of the discussion system the request-to-talk is received, but the microphone is not switched on. The red LED indicates that the request-to-talk has been received. The microphone is switched on by the chairman, the operator at the PC by using the “MCW-D Controller” software or a media control system. When the microphone button is pressed once again, the delegate clears his/her request-to-talk.
The integrated loudspeaker reproduces the audio signal of the whole conference system. Depending on the audio signal routing in the control unit the loudspeaker can reproduce other audio signals such as a wireless microphone in the auditorium.
In the first line the LC-Display indicates the menu and the second line indicates the description of the appropriate button functions of the individual menus. With the middle button you can change
from one menu to the next. The left and right button are for adjustments within the individual menus. If one of the buttons is pressed the display will be illuminated. This illumination is switched off automatically after 10 seconds. In the menu “Channel Selection” it is possible to choose among 8 possible transmission channels for the headphone output (refer to illu. 1) in simultaneous interpreting applications. A name for the channel can be entered with the MCW-D200 Editor software. Furthermore, the display is for votings and to indicate text messages (paging).

• Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) provides high immunity from interference and unauthorised listening
• Wireless transmission with integrated transmitting/receiving antenna in the 2.4 GHz frequency band which is approved world-wide
• Maximum of 8 receiving channels
• Digitally encoded audio signals prevent unauthorised listening
• Integrated loudspeaker with voice equalisation
• Multilingual LC-Display 2 lines, 16 characters, with automatic switch-off of the illumination
• 3 multi-function buttons and LC-Display for votings, channel selection in interpreting applications, headphone volume or battery status
• Gooseneck microphone provides excellent audio quality
• Red illuminated ring around the gooseneck to indicate the ready-to-talk status of the microphone
• Microphone button to switch the microphone on / off or to register it in the system
• Dual colour LED for microphone ON (red: communication is established; green: microphone is switched on and ready for talking)
• Multi-function-connection for DC-operation or battery charging
• Gold-plated charging contacts
• Power on LED
• Mini stereo jack (3.5 mm) as headphone output or as documentation output for the connection of recorders, dictating machines etc.
• Connection for 3/8″ stand adapter (as an option)
• Modern fully metal housing with charcoal-grey, non-glare and scratch-resistant Nextel® finish
• The following parameters can be programmed: loudspeaker level, recording/headphone level,
loudspeaker attenuation when microphone is switched on, auto-off settings, RF transmitter power, RF input sensitivity, low battery indication, voice-controlled switching on, hold time
• Auto-Off function when nobody speaks into the microphone
• Microphone unit can be programmed by using the appropriate configuration software with the control unit
• APO function for Automatic Power OFF when the control unit is in the stand-by mode or switched off
• Maximum charging time of 2 hours when the rechargeable battery (NiMH) is completely empty
• Operating time 8 – 9 hours depending on the relation between Speaking and Listening

In very good physical and technical condition !!

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