BARRACUDA IM Firewall 220

BARRACUDA IM Firewall 220

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The Barracuda IM Firewall is the first complete IM solution to provide both IM Server and IM Gateway technologies to help organizations secure, log, and manage the use of instant messaging on their networks.

The Barracuda IM Firewall is easy to set up and rollout to your users. Installing a unit inline takes just minutes. Once connected, all public IM traffic is captured and logged to an internal database. With an intuitive user interface for maintenance and monitoring, the Barracuda IM Firewall is a virtually administration-free solution.

Energize Updates
Barracuda Energize Updates provide Barracuda Networks appliance with the protection from the latest Internet threats. The team at Barracuda Central continuously monitors the Internet for new trends in network security threats and develops strategies to mitigate those threats. Depending on the appliance, Energize Updates include the appropriate definitions for spam, virus, content categories, spyware filter, intrusion prevention, IM protocols, policies, security updates, attacks and document formats. Updates are delivered on an hourly basis to ensure you always have the latest definitions and the most comprehensive protection.

Barracuda Energize Updates subscriptions is a reoccuring fee and must be purchased with any new Barracuda Networks appliance to provide complete protection from the latest Internet threats. Energize Updates subscriptions also provide:
Basic Support which includes email support 24×7 and phone support between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm Monday through Friday Pacific time.
Firmware Maintenance which includes new firmware updates with feature enhancements and bug fixes as they are made available.
Security Updates to patch or repair any security vulnerabilities.
Optional participation in the Barracuda Early Release Firmware program

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