Avaya Definity ACM TN2215 16 Port Analog Card TN 2215

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Each port supports 1 telephone, such as 500 (rotary dial) and 2500 terminals (DTMF dial) from a tip/ring pair. Each port also sends or receives signaling to and from a station; such as an analog telephone, answering machine, facsimile and loop-start CO port AUDIX. The TN2215/TN2183 provides rotary digit 1 recall, ground-key recall, and programmable flash timing.

Additional support is provided for selectable ringing cadence, LED message waiting, and secondary lightning protection.The TN2215/TN2183 supports on-premises (in-building) wiring with either touch-tone or rotary dialing and with or without the LED message waiting indicators.It supports off-premises wiring (out-of-building only with certified protection equipment) with either DTMF or rotary dialing, but LED message waiting indicators are not supported off-premises.

Neon message waiting indicators are not supported.

A maximum of 6 to 8 simultaneous ports ringing is allowed depending on the ringing cadence selected.
The TN2215/TN2183 supports A-Law and µ-Law companding and administrable timers. The TN2215/TN2183 also supports balanced ringing (when configured for France with TN2202 ring generator circuit pack) and DTMF sending levels appropriate for CONVERSANT.

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