APC beveiliging UPS Environmental Monitoring SmartSlot Card

APC beveiliging UPS Environmental Monitoring SmartSlot Card

79,95 59,95 incl. 21% BTW

APC SmartSlot Environmental Monitoring Card – Remote management adapter – SmartSlot – for P/N: IS100KG, IS10KG, IS20KG, IS30KG, IS60KG, IS80KG, SUA2200RMXLI3U, SUA5000RMI5U
UPS Environmental Monitoring SmartSlot Card – Embedded card enabling monitoring of environmental conditions.

APC’s UPS Environmental Monitoring Card works in conjunction with PowerChute Business Edition to provide monitoring of the included temperature and humidity sensor. An additional temperature and humidity sensor is also available. Early warnings of conditions that lead to equipment failure allow you to react to changes and minimize the impact on network availability. When conditions change, notifications are sent via email to the appropriate personnel. Four input contacts provide for monitoring of other equipment.

Features – Browser Accessible, Customizable Input Contacts, Data Logging, Event logging, Fault Notification, Humidity Monitoring, Read-only Access, Telnet Management, Temperature Monitoring

Includes – Humidity Sensor, Mounting pads, Temperature Sensor, User Manual


  • Net weight 0.30 lbs ( 0.14 kg)
  • Net Height 1.50 inches ( 3.81 cm)
  • Net Width 4.75 inches ( 12.07 cm)
  • Net Depth 4.25 inches ( 10.80 cm)
  • Color – Black

Compleet zoals op de foto incl. AP9512TH

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