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Aastra Nortel Meridian M5208 telefoon (NT4X41) black

72.55 incl. 21% BTW

The Meridian M5208 is a Digital Centrex phone that has Multiple Access Directory Numbers capability. This phone comes with an excellent liquid crystal display attached to the very top of the phone. The display is 2 line by 24 characters. This is helpful with the caller ID notifying you of the inbound call or who is being transferred to you from within the company.
Part Number: NT4X41

The display will also show the date and time as well. It also comes with a visual ringing indication lamp. The lamp is just to the right side of the phone just under the display. The indicator lamp will flash to let you know you have incoming calls. Also if you are on the phone it will notify you of any voice mail messages you have waiting.

This magnificent digital phone also comes with 8 programmable line or feature keys.
They are well placed along the right side of the phone. The placement of the buttons
makes for excellent use when multi tasking. Another helpful design that is well placed in the middle of the phone, are the hold and release keys that are color coded for easy detection. Below those keys you have the number key pad to dial out or make line transfers within the company. Beneath those keys you have the volume control bar that controls the headset sound as well as the hands free speaker. The built in speaker on this model permits you to onhook dial, plus it will make it easy for voice mail access.
This outstanding phone comes with a loop powered system. So during a power outage the phone will still have power and all your displays will still have capabilities. This magnificent phone can be wall mounted if needed for space saving or just lay flat on the desk. Another exceptional item about this phone is the unique part number NT4X41.
This makes it easy to locate the correct phone when purchasing. This phone comes in 3
bold colors Ash, Black as well as grey.

Color : Black

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