Aastra Nortel Meridian M5008 telefoon (NT4X40) black
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Aastra Nortel Meridian M5008 telefoon (NT4X40) black

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This Meridian M5008 was built so it could maximize the use of Nortel Network’s Meridian Digital Centrex features. This particular design was created to be used in places like a hospital reception area, back warehouse of a department store or even a front desk of a grocery store. This telephone comes as a single-line set with superb multi-line functionality. It is a line powered phone which means it does not have to be plugged into the wall socket. This is a pleasant feature because it can still provide basic telephone service if you’re building has power failure. read more…

Part Number: NT4X40

Some other superior features to this phone are the enlarged keypad with control bar for easy dialing as well as great volume adjustment. The phone comes standard as an 8 system with programmable keys for feature or directory access. The designation labels and key caps on this model come in English, Spanish and French. It also has on-hook dialing for convenient call setup or voice mail access. It has a helpful line indicator so at a glance you can tell if the phone is in use or if you have messages waiting. You can establish primary directory numbers so when you lift the handset, numbers are automatically selected for outgoing calls. The well placed hold and release keys on the phone make for better call processing.
Depending on the work environment this nifty phone can be hung on the wall or lay flat on the desk. The sleek, low profile style on how it was made makes for minimum space needed. It comes in 2 professional colors black and ash. Also has a very distinctive part number NT4X40 which makes for easy look up.

Color : Black

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