Aastra Ericsson Dialog 4220 Office toestel

Aastra Ericsson Dialog 4220 lg Office toestel

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The Ericsson Dialog 4220 Lite is a compact, cost-effective model which meets all basic telephony needs. The Ericsson Dialog 4220 Lite is specifically designed for customers who want traditional voice functions with superior digital voice quality. The Ericsson Dialog 4220 is also a robust convenience phone for visitor or service areas. 10 function keys with LED You can assign keys to your desired functions, such as message-waiting, call diversion, callback or voicemail access. Keys are available for call transfer and programming. On-hook dialing. Loud speaking function. The loudspeaker and the handset can be simultaneously active. Associated LEDs help keep track of ongoing, parked or unanswered calls. All programmable function keys can be labeled by the user.

  • Adjustable foot console.
  • Easy to mount on wall.
  • Hearing-aid compatibility.
  • Dimensions: 231x159x101 (lxbxh mm)
  • Mute function: Yes
  • Redial: Yes
  • Volume control: Yes
  • Memory buttons: 4
  • Ringtone volume adjustable: Yes


  • Hands-free function yes
  • Colour Licht grijs
  • Function buttons
  • Redial
  • Volume control yes
  • Backlight display nee
  • Headset socket yes
  • Mute function yes
  • Display N.v.t.
  • User accounts
  • HD voice
  • Power adapter
  • Power Over Internet
  • Webportal interface

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