Aastra (EADS) Digitale telefoon Matra M730 voor NeXspan PBX

Aastra (EADS) Digitale telefoon Matra M730 voor NeXspan PBX

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Digital phone Aastra Matra M730 for Nexspan PBX
This terminal is the first digital range to have a screen that offers immediate and easy access to information.

The M730 has of course which is one of the most significant innovations of the new range: the navigation keys of type GSM phone strengthening its interactive qualities. The design of this position is fully turned to its users. That is the Intuitive!

The M730 offers a range of services and features such as programmable keys with LEDs signaling. Thanks to the newspaper, you can view your calls made or received. You can call the number automatically accessed or create a record in your home directory.


  • A screen of a line of 16 characters
  • 4 programmable keys with LED
  • Handsfree with LED signaling
  • Mute key with LED associated
  • An LED message / incoming call signaling
  • 16 ring tones with browser
  • Ergonomics *
  • Notification message
  • Direct Recall Touch Voicemail *
  • A log of calls received (last 50) *
  • A log of outgoing calls (last 10) *
  • A private directory of 20 numbers *
  • A ringtone privilege

Het toestel op de foto’s is de Aastra versie. De aangeboden toestellen zijn de EADS Connexity M730.!!


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