• ELMEG CS290 CS 290 ISDN-telefoon zwart

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    ELMEG has set a new price-to-performance standard for ISDN telephones with the elmeg CS290. At a price barely above that of a standard ISDN telephone, the CS290 system phone features professional and easy to use functions.

    The completely redesigned CS290 will convince you with its elegant and ergonomic design: the menu, controlled via three softkeys, and the alphanumeric display make operation child”s play. Five programmable keys supported by LEDs, two of which are bi-color LEDs, display the status of major functions at all times for the user. These keys can be used, just like those on the “big” elmeg system telephones, as line buttons, to activate and deactivate call forwarding, headset and team functions, to operate an external voice mail system or to set the MSNs.

    Technische informatie


    • ISDN D-kanaalprotocollen COMMON-ISDN-API (CAPI)
    • Digitale technologie ISDN
    • Hoeveelheid programmeerbare knoppen 5
    • Kiezertype Toetsenbord
    • Bellokatie Basis
    • Indicators Visuele aanduidingslamp
    • Automatisch herkiezen Ingebouwd
    • Short Messaging Service (SMS) Ingebouwd
    • Geschikt voor telefonisch vergaderen 3-weg
    • Volumeregeling Ja
    • Telefoonboekcapaciteit Direct call (baby call)
    • Belbesturing Ja
    • Menubediening Ingebouwd
    • Bel- en kiesfuncties CLIR (Calling Line Identification Restriction), COLR (Connected Line Identification Restriction), CCBS (Completion of Calls to Busy Subscriber), ECT (Explicit Call Transfer), MSN (Multiple Subscribers Numbers), COLP (Connected Line Identification Presentation), CFB (Call Forwarding Busy), CLIP (Calling Line Identification Presentation), CFU (Call Forwarding Unconditional), CFNR (Call Forwarding No Reply), UUS (User to User Signaling)


    • Type antwoordsysteem 10 numbers


    • Hoeveelheid tekens 24
    • Lokatie weergeven Basis
    • Type LCD-display – monochroom
    • Hoeveelheid lijnen 2


    • Diepte 17.6 cm
    • Breedte 25.7 cm
    • Hoogte 8 cm


    • Verbindingen 1 x hoofdtelefoonaansluiting
    47.95 incl. 21% BTW
  • Elmeg CS410 systeemtelefoon

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    ISDN System telephone for the professional user
    The advanced CS410 ISDN system telephone provides comprehensive system functionality when used with elmeg telephone systems. Keypad extensions and answering machines are optional.
    Product description

    The system telephone that fulfills your every wish:
    Optimally matched to the modular elmeg PABX systems, the elmeg CS410 / CS410-U offers you a variety of professional functions, and its modular architecture lets you expand its performance at any time: An optional Answering machine module also provides up to 48 minutes recording time and can be quickly and easily integrated into your telephone.

    Professional PC ports: Easy installation via USB provides you with CTI functions and Internet access, as well as data communications, for example for configuring the PABX system. Jacks for audio-in/audio-out permit easy configuration and use of announcements, ringing tones, intercom calls or editing of calls at your PC*; and, together with the answering machine module, saving of messages or importing of voice announcements. All audio functions can also be activated individually.

    You can cascade up to three T400 key expansion modules* to the elmeg CS410 giving you up to a total of 65 programmable function keys, for example with 130 directly accessible direct dial numbers.

    More convenient functions for the internal telephone directory: Your personal memory can hold up to 250 entries with name and additional individual contact information. You can freely edit this information and have it displayed for incoming calls The elmeg CS410 also provides alphanumeric access to the central PABX system telephone directory, with up to 1000 entries.

    Optimum support of different models of headsets* for all your needs: A separate jack and extensive, individually configurable functions make calling fun. Support of special functions such as direct control of cordless DECT headsets (without mechanical hook switch), or control of the LED busy signal indicator (e.g. with Plantronics “Firefly”, or Silicomp “Orbit NC”) is provided straight from the factory.

    Greatest user convenience is guaranteed by the 7-line illuminated graphic display, 7 softkeys for user prompting and 5 freely programmable function keys (2 levels) with two-color LEDs.

    As the elmeg CS410-U variant, the elmeg CS410 is well-suited for direct Up0 connection without converters, including an S0 output for further ISDN terminal devices (with elmeg CS410 using optional plug-in module or wall-mounted converter).

    elmeg CS410

    • ISDN System telephone for the professional user
    • Graphical, illuminated, 7-line display
    • 5 free programmable keys with 2-colour LEDs
    • 7 softkeys and 10 function keys
    • Separate headset jack for DSHG headsets
    • Extension by an optional Answering machine module
    • Cascading of up to three T400 key expansion modules
    • Variant CS410-U for the int. Up0 connection (2-wire ISDN)




    89.95 incl. 21% BTW
  • Elmeg IP 290 voip toestel

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    59.95 incl. 21% BTW
  • Elmeg IP-S400 VoIP systeemtelefoon zwart

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    The VoIP-VoVPN telephone system for the professionels

    • Graphical, illuminated, 7-line display
    • 5 freely configurable function keys with bicolour LEDs
    • 7 soft keys and 10 function keys
    • PoE support – no need of a power supply
    • Dual-port Ethernet switch (e.g. for workstation/PC)
    • Headset connector with comprehensive functions (DSHG)
    • Optional elmeg T400 keyboard (3-fold cascading)

    The IP-S400 advanced IP phone is used with the hybird and ICT (VoVPN module required) series as a system telephone with extensive system functionality (central telephone book, busy light feature, etc.). Keypad extensions are available.

    Product Description
    The elmeg IP-S400 provides the connection to the VoIP-VPN Gateway module and is state-of-the-art in terms of professional comfort for IP-based systems telephones. The illuminated, 7-line display, 7 soft keys for menu navigation, 5 freely configurable function keys with bicolour LEDs, and the full support of all elmeg system telephony functions make the elmeg IP-S400 the perfect end device in IP-based communication networks.

    Two Ethernet accesses permit the joint connection of system telephones and PC over a single LAN interface. Power over Ethernet (PoE) serves to feed even the elmeg IP-S400 over the LAN, which makes the external plug-in power supply superfluous.

    A separate headset port and comprehensive headset functions (e.g. direct DECT headset addressing) keep your hands free when making your phone calls. Alternatively, you can activate open listening and hands-free talking on a top-quality level. An intelligent list of calls received, redialling, VIP memory and a proper internal phone book with 250 possible entries provide for optimum convenience.

    Use VoIP network structures also for system telephony, without any cutbacks on convenience. Thanks to Power over Ethernet (PoE), you don’t need a plug near your work place, be-cause the IP telephone is supplied with power via the network. The second Ethernet port on the device can be used for connecting a workstation PC.
    The easily readable, 7-line, back-lit graphic display with 7 softkeys for user prompting and 5 freely programmable function keys with dual color LEDs provide you with maximum convenience.

    Optimally matched to the modular elmeg ICT PABX systems, the elmeg IP-S400 offers you a variety of convenient functions. The IP-S400 is a pure system telephone that can only be op-erated using the elmeg VoIP-VPN Gateway module.
    Ideal for use as a central exchange phone, for team functions, for boss/secretary’s office, in call centers or as reception desk telephones in hotels.

    The easily readable, 7-line, back-lit graphic display with 7 softkeys for user prompting and 5 freely programmable function keys with dual color LEDs provide you with maximum convenience.

    >Alphanumeric, personal telephone directory with 250 entries
    >VIP-memory for 10 entries
    >Alphanumeric, central telephone directory in the PABX system
    >Display 7×21 characters, back-lit
    >Intelligent caller list
    >Automatic redialing
    >10 MSN
    >Call signaling different for each MSN and internal/external calls
    >Unconditional call forwarding/per time/on busy programmable for each MSN extension number
    >Call forwarding during an ongoing call (Call Deflection)
    >Station guarding features
    >Dialing with handset in its cradle
    >Vanity numbers
    >Variable handset volume
    >Hands free calling/Open listening
    >Redialing (20 entries)
    >Extensive headset features (e.g. direct DECT headset control
    >Selection of the outgoing MSN ex-tension number
    >Recall to busy subscriber
    >Completion of call on no answer
    >Appointment management (one/time/daily/weekly)
    >Call filter
    >Text messages (UUS1, SMS)
    >Firmware download over the LAN possible
    >Malicious call identification (MCID)
    >Dial ranges (restricted and unre-stricted numbers)

    96.75 incl. 21% BTW