Diverse telefooncentrales

  • Alpha tech blue gate dual band isdn 2 x sim

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  • AS 5401 2V SMS ISDN GSM-Gateway AS 5401/2V

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    • GSM module,
    • type AS 5401 2V,
    • voor 2 simkaarten
    • inclusief antenne en voeding
    199,95 99,95 incl. 21% BTW
  • Austin AT502 Metal Connection Box

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  • AVM Fritz!x Fritzbox USB v3.0 ISDN

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  • Bosch flexy 2000 S2A s2a-module

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    Bosch flexy 2000 S2A s2a-module

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  • ClearOne Gentner XAP TH2 Teleconferencing DSP Interface

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    The Clear One XAP TH2 Telephone Interface is a single-line digital hybrid which uses digital signal processing (DSP) to separate the transmit and receive audio, eliminating distortion, weak signals, and feedback. It continually filters low and high frequency noise to provide pure sound. The XAP TH2 is designed to function as a stand-alone telephone hybrid or as an accessory to the XAP 800 (echo cancelling, audio processing, microphone mixing matrix), enabling you to add remote callers to your audio conferences.

    • Condition Used – Fully Functional
    • Power Cord Included Yes
    • Manual Included No
    • Model TH2


    • 100% digital signal processing (DSP) technology ensures crystal-clear audio
    • with the deepest, most reliable hybrid null.
    • Balanced line-level input and output.
    • Touch-tone dialing capability (40 character dial string).
    • Full-time telco echo cancellation with 31 millisecond tail time.
    • Conference up to 16 callers (with 16 XAP TH2s) within a XAP 800 system.
    • Adjustable audible connect and disconnect tones.
    • Selectable caller automatic level control (ALC).
    • Adjustable dial tone, DTMF attenuation.
    • Simultaneous two-wire/four-wire operation.
    • Continual adaptation to telephone line conditions.
    • Digital anti-alias filter to minimize hum and Central Office switching noise.
    • Compatible with analog telephone lines.
    • Program and operate with a connected PC or any other type of serial
    • remote control device via expansion bus or RS-232 port.
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  • Digium TE121 Wildcard Single Span PCI Express Card

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    The Digium TE121 is a high-performance, cost effective digital telephony interface card with the power to create a seamless network, interconnecting traditional telephony systems with emerging Voice over IP technologies.


    Used in conjunction with Asterisk, the TE121 can be used to deliver a wide range of PBX and IVR services to the network or handset including Voicemail, Call Conferencing, Three-way Calling, and VoIP Gateways.

    The TE121 is a single span, selectable T1 (24-channel), E1 (32-channel), or J1 (24-channel) card. The card utilizes Digium’s VoiceBus technology. VoiceBus technology allows the TE121 to use an industry standard bus-mastering PCI Express interface, as found in millions of PCs worldwide, to maximize system compatibility and eliminate system conflicts. Improving upon the prior TE120P which does not offer expansion capabilities, the TE121 may be combined with Digium’s VPMADT032 echo cancellation module to deliver 128ms of echo cancellation across 30 channels in E1 mode or 24 channels in T1 mode. Bundled with the VPMADT032, the product SKU is TE121B.

    The TE121 supports both voice and data modes on its single span. For example, the card can support 12 channels dedicated to voice, routed directly to the Asterisk Open Source PBX, and 12 to data, handled by the underlying Linux operating system, thus eliminating the need for an external router. The TE121 works in any PCI Express compliant slot.

    By utilizing our TDMoE (TDM over Ethernet) technology, an exclusive Digium process, you can easily connect multiple PCs equipped with the TE121 and achieve voice quality on par with single PBX implementations. Scalability for this product is derived from adding multiple TE121 cards to each individual PC. Add additional cards as you need them for your expanding applications.

    The TE121 supports industry standard telephony and data protocols, including both RBS and Primary Rate ISDN (PRI) protocol families for voice and PPP, Cisco HDLC, and Frame Relay data modes. The board drives both line-side and trunk-side interfaces, including call features.

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  • Elmeg ICT880-Rack telefooncentrale

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    • Rack
    • max. 16 digitalen Amtskanäle
    • max. 52 digitalen Internkanäle
    • max. 44 analogen Endgeräte
    • max. 4 TFE
    • max. 64 / 94* Ports
    • max. 1x S2M
    119,95 incl. 21% BTW
  • Elmeg T240 ISDN telefooncentrale

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    De ultieme kosten/baten oplossing
    Dit nieuwe PABX-systeem voldoet aan alle eisen die ISDN-gebruikers vandaag de dag aan een telefooncentrale stellen.

    Het toestel ziet er niet alleen mooi uit, het biedt zijn gebruikers ook talloze opties zoals doorschakelingen, dag/nacht varianten, enz.
    De dubbele aansluitklemmen voorzien in een gemakkelijke aansluiting en de configuratie van allerlei terminals: standaard- en draadloze telefoons, faxtoestellen, modems, antwoordapparaten en zelfs simboxen.

    Het is mogelijk om uw PC direct op de T240 aan te sluiten via de USB-poort. Met een dubbel voordeel: u kunt surfen op het Internet tegen 128 kbit/s en het is uiteraard ook mogelijk om de T240 te configureren via USB. Gemakkelijk!

    De T240 heeft de beschikking over:
    – Een externe So-bus om toegang te krijgen tot het ISDN netwerk
    – 4 analoge extensies met nummerweergave
    – Een USB poort voor programmatie, internettoegang en CTI toepassingen
    Uitbreiding is mogelijk met:
    – 1 analoge netlijn of
    – 2 analoge extensies.

    Speciale mogelijkheden:
    – Mogelijkheid om een simbox aan te sluiten op een analoge extensie
    – Least Cost Routing
    – Geheugen voor gegevens van 500 laatste verbindingen
    – USB poort voor internettoegang
    – Tapi-driver voor CTI toepassingen

    Dit is een nieuw product !!

    129,95 79,95 incl. 21% BTW
  • Gesko 2108 office ISDN centrale

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    De ideale oplossing voor kleine kantoren.

    De GESKO 2108 Office system brengt ISDN aan de familie thuis of op kantoor en biedt uitstekende functies, waaronder:

    • Twee ISDN2e lijnen met 8 analoge toestellen
    • Caller ID
    • CTI
    • Microsoft TAPI suppor
    • Interne ISDN
    • Doorschakelen naar mobiel
    • Optioneel voicemail
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  • GESKO Family 104 ISDN-PBX centrale

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    35,95 incl. 21% BTW
  • GME SimSwitch AS5401/2V AS 5401 2v light sync

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    • Type : AS5401 Light.
    • Inclusief antenne en voeding.
    181,45 119,95 incl. 21% BTW