• Agfeo AS 35 ISDN telefooncentrale

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    If you are looking for a telephone system for your business, then look no further. This system has all the features you’ll ever need.
    The flexible TK Suite Basic software (incl. hotel software) from AGFEO supports you in all your business activities. Make calls at the click of a mouse, receive reminders about important appointments or find out more about incoming calls. TK Suite Basic comes with its own database which can also be linked to existing customer databases and therefore will display caller information on an incoming call, even before you answer.

    Depending on line selection, the AGFEO AS 35 can be configured of up to 18 Extensions and offers the following features:

    Wake up Call:
    Every extension may set their own wake up call
    and therefore will turn into an alarm clock. With
    the help of the AIS function the system may even
    play your favourite music.

    Door Phone:
    A door phone may be connected to one of the
    extension ports. You can speak to visitors at the
    door via the telephone and can even open the
    door at the push of a button.

    Music on Hold:
    The built in AIS Module can be uploaded with
    your choice of music, information or advertising

    System Phones:
    Up to 6 AGFEO System Phones can be connected
    to the AS 35. The System Telephones have been
    specially designed for use with AGFEO Telephone
    Systems and offer the very best in features and
    system functionality.

    – 1 T0 (1 Line ISDN)
    – 3 T0/S0 switchable internal / external
    – Up to 8 simultaneous voice channels
    – 12 analog extensions
    – 1 RS-232
    – USB 1 interface – AIS Integrated Module (Audio Information System)

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