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    Brady CodeXML M3 Bluetooth Barcode Reader

    Synchronizes up to three scanners to one computer
    • Simple to set up
    • Has a range of 300 feet
    • Bluetooth operation auto-enabled by scanning a barcode printed on the modem (must purchase separately)
    • 6.8 in. LCD Monitor
    • 110VAC Only
    • Certifications/Compliance : RoHS
    • Display Type : LCD
    • Product Type : CodeXML M3 Bluetooth™ Barcode Reader
    • Connection Type : Bluetooth™, USB
    • For Use With (Equipment) : For Bluetooth™ enabled CR2, CR2500, CR3 and CR3500 barcode scanners, Wide linear and 2D matrix barcodes
     49,95 incl. 21% BTW
  • Comview CSS I/O adapter 100-520000

    Comview CSS I/O adapter 100-520000 Refurbished  24,95 incl. 21% BTW
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    Datafox PZE Master IV 2.1 terminal

    De Datafox PZE Master is speciaal ontwikkeld voor tijdsregistratie, orderregistratie en toegangscontrole doeleinden. Alle relevante data kunnen met de nieuwste techniek worden verzameld en verwerkt worden in uw branche oplossing. Overzichten, calculaties en andere evaluaties kunnen zeer nauwkeurig worden toegepast. Processen kunnen tevens zeer nauwkeurig worden gevolgd en aangestuurd. Dit bespaart tijd en zorgt voor de noodzakelijke datakwaliteit en actualiteit. Er zijn minder vragen vanaf de werkvloer, de medewerkers kunnen zelf hun vakantie, plus/ min en compensatie-uren etc. op het apparaat oproepen. Techniek op maat! De Datafox PZE Master is gebaseerd op het Datafox Embedded systeem, welke is uitgerust met de modernste techniek, die benodigd is voor datacollectie en natuurlijk ook voor gegevensoverdracht. Het apparaat is verkrijgbaar met RFID, barcode, vingerafdruk, GPS, GSM, GPRS, Bluetooth, USB ... Daarmee voldoet het apparaat aan alle eisen om flexibel te worden ingezet. Niet alleen voor tijdsregistratie, maar voor veel meer toepassingen kan de PZE Master worden gebruikt. Dit is echt een meerwaarde. De krachtige tools Datafox Studio en de DLL maken een snelle en makkelijke integratie mogelijk in elke IT-oplossing, zonder enige programmeerkennis. Door de schaalbaarheid van het apparaat blijven een groot aantal opties beschikbaar. U betaalt alleen wat u werkelijk gebruikt. Systeemtechniek Setup programma Instellen van het apparaat voor datacollectie Communicatie -DLL Directe communicatie via een DLL tussen apparaat en software is mogelijk. Dit is de beste type aansluiting voor softwarefabrikanten (OEM's). Communicatie via de DLL is bidirectioneel en is zowel online als offline beschikbaar. Datafox-Talk Interface programma voor data-uitwisseling via bestanden of databases. Deze oplossing is ideaal voor eindgebruikers of resellers van software oplossingen, die de combinatie met Datafox hardware willen gebruiken, zonder een interface te hoeven ontwikkelen. Communicatie Ondersteunde opties + RS232 + RS485 + USB-koppeling + TCP/IP + W-LAN + Bluetooth + USB-Stick + GSM + GPRS + Analoog modem - extern Gedetailleerde informatie Geintegreerde transponderlezer + Unique / EM4102 + Hitag1 + Hitag2 + HitagS + Titan / EM4450 (Hewi) + Mifare-Classic + Mifare-Desfire + Legic + i-Button + SimonsVoss + NEDAP Biometrie + Geintegreerde vingerafdruklezer Barcodelezer + Externe Barcodelezer- Geintegreerde Barcodelezer Magneetkaartlezer + Externe Magneetkaartlezer Toegangscontrole + Toegangscontrole voor 8 deuren Transponderlezer extern voor toegangscontrole + Unique + Hitag1 + Hitag2 + HitagS + Titan / EM4450 (Hewi) + Mifare-Classic + Mifare-Desfire + Legic Telemetrie + GPS-localisering Meer informatie over GPS-localisering vind u in de handleidng bij hoofdstuk 3.2.6 GPS-Ortung" I/O-verwerking + 6 digitale ingangen geintegreerd + 2 analoge ingangen geintegreerd + 2 Relais geintegreerd  99,95 incl. 21% BTW
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    Datalogic DL-Memor 944201019 PDA Computer 1D Barcode Scanner CE 5.00 Wifi BT

    The Datalogic Memor mobile computer puts a rugged industrial data collector in an incredibly small form factor, creating a product that can manage your inventory and easily fit in your pocket. Able to connect via USB with optional Bluetooth, or 802.11b/g interfaces, the Memor has the means necessary to keep your data up to date easily from any location. Features
    • Runs Windows CE 5.0
    • 64MB RAM, 128MB Flash ROM
    • Scanner can read from 2" to 35"
    • IP54 Seal protects against windblown dust & water sprays
    • Model : 944201019
    • Inclusief cradle and powersupply
    In zeer nette staat !! Refurbished    139,95 incl. 21% BTW
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    Datalogic Gryphon D100 Linear Image Scanner

    The GRYPHON D100 barcode scanner is easy to use since there are no adjustments to make when you start the device.
     Scan rate : 270 scans / second  Storage temperature : -4° to 158°F  Certification : IP30  Scanner : CCD  Data capture option : 1D
    Inclusief holster en exclusief kabel !! Used  39,95 incl. 21% BTW
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    Datalogic Quickscan QS6500 Handscanner RS232 Zwart

    Datalogic QS6500 General Purpose Corded Handheld Laser Bar Code Reader The QuickScan reader series is Datalogic Scanning's value line of general purpose handheld data collection products. The QS6500 linear imaging reader is the highest performing corded member of the QuickScan family. Designed for retail, office, healthcare and light industrial applications the QuickScan QS6500 reader offers excellent performance and durability at an affordable price. The QS6500 features an excellent depth-of-field and snappy reading performance with speeds up to 450 reads/second. It easily reads the most common 1D bar codes while also offering the ability to read stacked codes like PDF417, Micro PDF and UPC/EAN stacked composite codes. All of the most popular interfaces are supported in every unit including IBM, USB, KBW, and RS-232, and switching interfaces is as easy as changing cables. The QS6500's configuration program provides user-friendly features to visualize the reader's configuration, create and duplicate special configurations and access and easily manipulate advanced label editing options. Flash memory fallows for easy software upgrades of operating software and new symbologies or updates for existing symbologies are easily added The QS6500 linear imager reader has the built-in ruggedness of solid-state electronics eliminating the moving parts, so that the reader provides years of worry-free operation. Rubber over mold at all contact points additionally protects the reader from shock caused by drops and abuse so that the enclosure wears better over time. A hands-free stand for presentation style reading and mounting options are available to organize the workspace and to save valuable counter area when needed. Wordt geleverd met voeding en pci-seriële kaart !!  49,95 incl. 21% BTW
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    Gemalto IDBridge CT30 (PC Twin USB (TR) HWP108765D

    IDBridge smart card readers are designed for securing network access, using the Gemalto PC Core hardware and firmware, handling all types of ISO7816 compatible smart cards. Several different models are available to adapt to every host PC interfaces and Smart Card usages. As the rates of identity theft increases, more and more companies are turning to smart technology to secure their networks. Enterprises, governments and financial institutions are rapidly deploying a smart card infrastructure for logical access and protecting the privacy of on-line bank customers and web shoppers. Gemalto's user-friendly smart card readers are an integrated part of more global authentication solutions. Built on the latest technology they offer reliability and are certified by the major computing and banking organizations ensuring easy deployment. Our diversified series includes readers for desktops, laptops, for SIM size card and readers for Pin entry. IDBridge CT30:
    • Innovative transparent design to highlight the card
    • Modular concept with accessories: stand, floppy disk tray,
    • to simplify logistics and inventory
    • Maximum usability and reliability with non removable cable, preventing reader unplugs
    • Compact and lightweight to optimize shipping expenses on large project deployment, fitting in a standard postal envelope size
    PC Twin serial:
    • Innovative transparent design to highlight the card
    • Modular concept with accessories: stand, floppy disk tray,
    Serial connection Several accessories have been developped to be used with the new PC USB TR reader, based on an innovative modular concept, and providing several ways of use and integration. All the accessories are very simple to use and install. The user needs no technical knowledge nor mechanical tools.
    • Flexibility for deployment
    • one reader fits all PC installed bases
    • several hardware configurations are possible
    not dependent of the PC's connection ports any more Ease of use
    • uses existing PC USB TR drivers
    • no mechanical tools needed for use with PC USB TR A cost effective product
    • just select the product configuration you need
    Dit is een nieuw product !!  17,95 incl. 21% BTW
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    Honeywell Intermec Universal Holster for CK 3R/CK 3X w/o Scan Handle

    Honeywell Intermec Universal Holster for CK 3R/CK 3X w/o Scan Handle

    Dit is een nieuw product !!  39,95 incl. 21% BTW
  • HP Scanjet 3670 scanner ook voor dia en negatieven

    • Bijzonderheden flatbed, Geïntegreerd Film Adapter Unit voor dia’s en negatieven Bitdiepte 48-bits
    • Fabrikant HP
    • Interface USB 2.0 volle snelheid
    • Ondersteuning Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, Me, XP Professional, XP Home Edition, Mac OS X 9.1 of 10.1 en hoger
    • Resolutie optisch: 1200 dpi, enhanced: onbeperkt, hardware: 1200 x 1200 dpi
    • Scansnelheid kleurenfoto (10 x 15 cm): 44 sec, volledige tekstpagina met OCR: 41 sec, preview-snelheid: 10 sec
    • Sneltoetsen Knoppen voor scannen, kopiëren en HP Instant Share op het frontpaneel
     49,95 incl. 21% BTW
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    Intermec 203-879-001 (Rev A) Pistol Grip Kit for Series CK3 Mobile Computer

    • 203-879-001
    • CK3 Pistol Grip Kit
    Brand Name Intermec
    EAN 0132017626284 , 5051964687344 , 5711045896859 , 5052178754365
    For model : CK3
    Model Number 203-879-001
    Dit is een nieuw product !! (1 zonder verpakking)  59,95 incl. 21% BTW
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    Intermec CK1 handscanner

    • Lightweight, ergonomic design allows for single-handed operation
    • Choices of integrated barcode laser or linear imager scanner
    • Large 160x160 display for flexibility in application design
    • Customize with a flexible rapid development tool
    • Linux(R)-based operating system
    • Powerful 67MHz processor to support large look-up tables or data storage
    Choice of data communication tools Companies of all sizes can now realize the benefits of automatic data collection with the Intermec CK1, a powerful and flexible batch data collection terminal for retail, light industrial, and medical/pharmaceutical applications requiring small-sized ergonomics at an economical price. With choices of simplified programming tools or pre-loaded applications, linear imager or barcode scanner, along with large memory and a crisp display, Intermec's CK1 can benefit the bottom line through increased employee productivity and inventory accuracy. The Intermec CK1 offers features and functionality found in terminals much larger and more costly. With an ergonomic keyboard and a pocket-sized form factor, the Intermec CK1 allows for easy single-handed operation when it is demanded. An optional removable pistol grip is available for scan intensive applications. The Intermec CK1 has a choice of bar code input options: an integrated laser scanner, or a highly responsive linear imager, offering safe user interaction and aggressive decoding performance. The large, scratch resistant 160x160 pixel display with backlight provides user-friendly navigation in all lighting conditions, as well as flexibility in application design. Continuing the Intermec legacy of rugged construction, the Intermec CK1 withstands multiple 1.2 meter (4 feet) drops to a hard surface. Users will appreciate the simplicity of pre-written batch applications, powerful rapid application development tools or extensive SDK for flexible application choices offered by the Intermec CK1. It combines a Linux based operating system and Linux programming tools to provide a powerful and flexible open source platform for rich end-user applications with multi-tasking capabilities. Use Intermec CK1 right out of the box with pre-written programs for various applications, or for powerful and rapid application development, a Windows (R) based rapid development tool can be purchased that requires no programming experience. Intermec's CK1 has a powerful ARM 7, 67MHz processor with 16MB Flash to support large lookup tables or data storage. A replaceable Lithium-Ion battery supports extended rigorous use and a fast 3-hour recharge. Battery not included. Numerous docking options are available including a single-slot RS232 or modem dock and a multi-slot USB charging dock. Inclusief Dock Dit produkt is gebruikt maar in prima staat !! Genoemde prijs is excl. btw en verzending !!  49,95 incl. 21% BTW
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    Metrologic MS9520 MS 9520 Voyager Barcode Scanner

    • Handscanner retail
    • 1D, laser
    • IR barcode sensor
    • 0-20cm leesafstand
    • 72 scans/s, incl.: kabel (USB), tafelmontage, kleur: licht grijs
    inclusief houder (zoals op de foto).
     49,95 incl. 21% BTW
  • Motorola 11-72959-04R tasje voor mobiele apparatuur MC3000

    • rubber cover tbv mc3090 gun tbv both imager en laser configuraties
    • fabrikant motorola
    • fabrikant nummer 11-72959-04r
    • ean 5711045395536
    Technische details
    • standaard apparaat
    • type handheld computer
    • type etui cover
    • kleur van het product zwart
    • merkcompatibiliteit motorola
    • compatibiliteit mc3000 kist
    Dit is een nieuw product !!  29,95 incl. 21% BTW
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