• JVC HR-V200E VHS Videospeler

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    Net apparaat zonder afstandsbediening.

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  • LG hifi 6 head videorecorder LV4981 LP en SP

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    – 6 HD Hi-Fi VCR
    – One minute fast rewind
    – PAL-B/G, SECAM-L
    – Hifi-stereo/Nicam videorecorder
    – 4+2 videokoppen
    – Automatische koppenreiniger
    – Geheugenruimte voor 88 programma’s
    – Supersnel terugspoelen
    – Quick Set Recording
    – Standard Play/Long play
    – 2 Scart aansluitingen
    – Crystal Live Picture
    – Slimline design
    – Audio out

    Exclusief afstandsbediening !!

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  • Olympus DS-4000 Professional Digital Voice Recorder

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    Introducing the most advanced professional recorder yet with slide switch operation and stacked with premium features. The Olympus DS-4000 Digital Voice Recorder delivers ease-of-use and functionality housed in an stylish, ultra-compact metal body that fits comfortably in the hand or pocket. The DS-4000 can be integrated without difficulty into Mac and most Windows PC environments.

    Digital Recorder Features include:

    • High voice quality in DSS format
    • Hands free dictation with optional footswitch
    • Over 11 hours recording time on 32MB xD picture card. (optional 512 MB xD card available)
    • Up to 7 folders for voice file management (199 files per folder)
    • Editing functions (overwrite/insert/delete/security lock)
    • Customisable functions to user needs
    • Direct dictation into PC through USB cable
    • Compatible with voice recognition software (now includes a direct link to
      your Dragon voice recognition software)

    Designed to Do More

    Perhaps the most innovative aspect of the DS-4000 is its “true slide switch” located below the microphone. It’s contoured to the thumb for smooth control of record, stop, play and review functions all with the same switch. This model is as equally high-powered as it is versatile with the ability to record 11 hours of audio with the included 32MB x D-Picture Card™, the same memory media used in Olympus Digital Cameras (memory expandable with cards of up to 512MB). The dual purpose USB docking station permits fast downloading of voice files and additionally acts as a charger for convenient dictation. The DS-4000 really excels on network environments. Using the DSS Player Pro Software, voice files can be placed on the network immediately and then processed. The name of the author and work group, the priority of a recording and status of the files, are displayed in an overview, ensuring secure and uncomplicated access to the correct file. This way, information can be quickly and simply retrieved, processed and archived.

    Intelligent Design

    Voice Recognition Systems would be happy to arrange a demonstration of the DS4000 voice recorder as well as provide full installation and support. Call us for details.

    With the DS-4000 placed in the USB docking station, will enable quick downloading or uploading of voice files to and from the computer. The DS-4000 is also capable of recording direct to a personal computer without taking up any of the recorder’s internal memory.

    The DS-4000 features a large, backlit, easy-to-read LCD screen that reveals file information, recording time and events on the front of the recorder and has a speaker for audio playback on the back. The included user-friendly DSS Player Pro Release 4 software facilitates the archiving, editing and further processing of the recordings within seven folders, up to 199 per folder.

    Two programmable buttons increase the DS-4000’s flexibility and reliability. Instead of having more buttons than necessary, the DS-4000 allows users to program the functions they use the most.

    The DS-4000 can be operated in hands-free mode with the optional RS-26 foot switch. This helps professionals like radiologists and pathologists, who need to keep their hands free while dictating.

    Integration with Speech-to-Text Software

    The Olympus DS-4000 will also integrate with your Dragon Naturally Speaking@ voice recognition software enabling you to transcribe your recordings yourself on return to the office. It’s easy to have Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice recognition software automatically transcribe recorded dictations recorded on your Olympus DS-4000 when you synchronise with your PC.

    With the addition of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, you can now:

    1. Dictate into a Olympus DS-4000 digital recorder and download recorded files to your PC. Use Dragon NaturallySpeaking ® to transcribe the recorded files directly into e-mail and MS Word etc.
    2. Dictate into the Olympus DS-4000 digital recorder and download or e-mail recorded files to your secretary/PA’s PC loaded with Dragon NaturallySpeaking and author’s sound file. Leaving your secretary/PA to complete transcription with the aid of Dragon NaturallySpeaking ® voice recognition software, vastly reducing the need to type and saving considerable time in the process!!

    Olympus DS-4000 Full Specifications*

    Recording Format DSS (Digital Speech Standard)
    Recording Media xD-Picture Card: 16 to 512 MB
    Input Level –70 dBv
    Sampling Frequency SP mode: 12 kHz
    LP mode: 8 kHz
    Overall Frequency Response SP mode: 300 to 5,000 Hz
    LP mode: 300 to 3,000 Hz
    Recording Time (32MB Card) SP mode: 5 hours 10 minutes
    LP mode: 11 hours 5 minutes
    Alkaline Battery Life** Recording: Approx. 16 hours
    Playback: Approx. 9 hours
    Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery Life Recording: Approx. 12 hours
    Playback: Approx. 8 hours
    Speaker Built-in ø28 mm round dynamic speaker
    MIC/EAR jack ø3.5 mm mini-jack, impedance MIC 2 kOhm, EAR 8Ohm or more
    Maximum Working Output (3 V DC) 180 mW or more (8Ohm speaker)
    Input Power Requirement Rated voltage: 3 V
    Batteries Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery Pack (BR402) or
    2 x AAA batteries (LR03 or R03) or
    2 x Ni-MHrechargeable batteries (BR401)
    External Dimensions 110.2 x 50.0 x 16.9 mm (without protrusions)
    Weight 103 g

    Including Ni-MH rechargeable batterypack (BR402)

    Inclusief footswitch RS26

    99,95 69,95 incl. 21% BTW
  • Panasonic AG-7350 Professional S-VHS Video Cassette Recorder

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    Designed with S-VHS picture quality, an advanced IQ mechanism, and 4-channel audio add up to outstanding performance making these models ideal for use in diverse professional environments.
    In addition, 34-pin parallel or optional RS-232C serial interface capability permit easy connection to existing systems, plus future expansion, for optimum versatility. The superb picture quality of the AG-7350 was designed with is ideal for applications where high resolution images are demanded. Versatile Connectability 34-pin parallel control, or optional RS-232C serial control, plus standard video/audio connection capabilities, simplify use of the AG-7350 in existing systems, and facilitate further expansion and upgrading.

    The key to the outstanding picture quality of the AG-7350 is its extrawide 58 Micron laminated amorphous video heads for SP (2-hour) mode recording/playback. These advanced heads take optimum advantage of the high resolution and high S/N ratio provided by the S-VHS tape format. The result is superb image quality with exceptionally pure color reproduction, which make the AG-7350 an ideal recorder for so many business and professional applications. With a digital filter included in the circuitry, the AG-7350 achieves exceptionally accurate Y/C separation. 6-Hour Playback Capability (Only with Normal/ Linear Audio). 4-Channel Audio: 2 Hi-Fi Channels and 2 Linear Channels.

    With the AG-7350, it’s possible to use the two Hi-Fi channels and the two linear channels independently. This means you can add narration or music background, for instance, to enhance final production. Hi-Fi dynamic range of 90 dB assures extremely high sound quality. Wide 42 micron Head for SP (2-hour) Hi-Fi Audio Mode – Dolby* NR for Linear Audio Time Code Recording/Playback Using Linear CH-2 Designed to Provide the Durability That Professional Applications Demand. The IQ mechanism supports high picture quality with auto head cleaning and other features. 11-Bit Digital Servo Smooth, stable tape transport is a major factor in determining final picture quality. The AG-7350 is equipped with an 11 bit digital servo that controls tape transport precisely, to maintain optimum image quality by minimizing jitter. Motherboard Construction For easier maintenance and improved reliability over traditional designs, the audio and video circuits are mounted on separate boards that plug into the motherboard.
    Optional Time Code Recording/Playback (not included). A time code generator/reader, enabling recording and playback of time code on linear on audio CH-2, is built into the optional RS-232C interface board. 19″ Rack-Mountable. External Sync. Jog/Shuttle function enables searching in forward and reverse in 17 steps between 1/25 and 11X normal speed. Then for precise location, the jog function lets you search in forward and reverse at speeds ranging from one field at a time to normal speed. You can also enjoy Double Fine Slow playback of the entire field. Soft-Pause Mode–After pausing for 5 minutes, the AG-7350 automatically switches to the soft-pause mode. In this mode, the drum rotates with the tape loose, to protect the tape and let you quickly restart recording or playback. In another 5 minutes, the drum stops. Auto Repeat Play/Counter and Memory Functions. Using the Linear Tape Counter, you can select any segment on a tape (including the full tape) for Auto Repeat Play, with a choice of Continuous Repeat or OneTime Repeat.

    • High performance digital servo circuitry
    • Random auto repeat (zero stop/set rewind/repeat)
    • 4-channel audio (2 Hi-Fi/2 linear channels) with Dolby???? NR
    • Subloading system
    • 5-digit real time counter with remaining-time indication
    • Virtually noiseless forward slow/reverse slow and frame shift
    • 34-pin remote control connector
    • Switchable audio monitoring: CH1/CH2/Mix
    • Headphone level control
    • 3 video modes: Color/auto/B/W
    • 19-inch rack-mountable (with optional adaptor)
    • 58????m wide laminated amorphous video heads
    • 90dB dynamic range
    • Jog/shuttle
    • 17-step shuttle dial with variable speeds from 1/25 to 11X
    • Full loading tape mechanism offers stop to play mode with picture on screen in less than 2 seconds
    • Soft pause
    • Auto repeat play/counter memory functions
    • Advanced Chroma Aperture Circuit (CAC) and comb filter for outstanding color reproduction
    • Digital circuitry for Y/C separation
    • 6-hour playback capability (normal audio only)
    • Wide 42????m heads for Hi-Fi audio (SP/2-hour mode)
    • Optional LTC time code recording/playback using linear CH2 (with optional RS-232C serial interface board)
    • Sensor recording
    • On-screen menu display
    • 48-hour memory back-up for counter
    • Mode lock for front panel controls
    • Self-illuminated switches
    • 11-bit digital servo
    • Motherboard construction
    199,95 incl. 21% BTW
  • Philips DVP620VR DVD Player VCR Combo Video Cassette recorder

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    Alles-in-één: opnemen en afspelen

    • Direct Dubbing

    Universele afstandsbediening voor TV, DVD en videorecorder
    Een afstandsbediening met zowel DVD- als videorecorderfuncties zorgt ervoor dat de combiset u het gemak biedt van een twee-in-een systeem.

    ShowView voor snel en eenvoudig programmeren
    Met het ShowView-systeem kunt u de videorecorder programmeren met alleen maar de ShowView-code – een nummer van maximaal negen cijfers (maar meestal minder) dat in de meeste TV-gidsen naast de programma’s is weergegeven.

    Enkelvoudige scart met RGB-connectiviteit voor video van hoge kwaliteit
    Scart met RGB is een kabelaansluiting die eenvoudige connectiviteit biedt voor videoweergave van hoge kwaliteit.

    HiFi stereo VHS verbetert audioweergave
    VHS in HiFi-stereo: speelt echte stereo VHS af

    Direct Dubbing voor overdracht van videorecorder naar DVD en vice versa
    De functie Direct Dubbing biedt u ongekend gemak: zet uw favoriete scènes over van DVD naar VHS-band en vice versa. Als u tijdens het afspelen van uw DVD of VHS-band op de knop drukt, wordt een eenvoudig menu met één stap geopend waarin u het kopiëren kunt bevestigen, zonder gecompliceerde stappen of meerdere klikken. Handig, snel en eenvoudig: Direct Dubbing.

    Opnemen met één druk op de knop
    U begint met opnemen door gewoon op de knop REC/OTR te drukken. Als ‘Direct Record’* is geactiveerd, zoekt de (DVD-) videorecorder automatisch de zender waarop de TV staat afgestemd en wordt de opname vanaf deze zender gestart.* Alleen beschikbaar in Europa.

    Films: DVD, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, (S)VCD, videobanden
    De mogelijkheid om meerdere filmformaten af te spelen biedt u de mogelijkheid om de meeste discformaten en VHS-banden af te spelen voor volledige compatibiliteit en een maximaal kijkplezier.

    Muziek: CD, CD-R/RW en MP3-CD
    De speler speelt bijna elk type disc af en zorgt dan ook voor een optimaal luisterplezier.

    Foto’s: foto-CD (JPEG)
    De speler speelt bijna elk type disc af en zorgt dan ook voor een optimaal en comfortabel kijkplezier in uw huiskamer.

    Technische specificaties

    • Beeld/scherm

      • 4:3
      • 16:9
      10 bit, 27 MHz
      Digitale zoom
    • Videoweergave

      • MPEG1
      • MPEG2
      Media afspelen
      • CD
      • CD-R
      • CD-RW
      • DVD
      • DVD+RW
      • DVD+R
      • MP3-CD
      • Foto-CD
      • SVCD
      • Video-CD
      • A-B herhalen
      • Hoofdstuk herhalen
      • Discmenu
      • Snel achteruitspoelen
      • Snel vooruitspoelen
      • OSD
      • Pauze
      • Herhalen
      • Screensaver
      • Vooruit/achteruit zoeken
      • Langzaam achteruit
      • Langzaam vooruit
      • Standard Play
      • Stilstaand beeld
      • Zoom
      Dubbele laserdrive
      Aantal discs
      Aantal videokoppen
      Afspeelsysteem voor videodiscs
      • NTSC
      • PAL
      Afspeelsysteem voor videobanden
      Turbo Drive-deck
      Afspeelmodi videobanden
      Long Play PAL
    • Opslagmedia

    • Tuner/ontvangst/transmissie

      75 ohm coaxiaal (IEC75)
      Automatisch opslaan
      Aantal TV-tuners
      PAL B/G
    • Gemak

      Bedieningselementen aan voorzijde
      • Vorige zender
      • Volgende zender
      • Snel vooruit/volgende
      • Openen/Sluiten
      • afspelen
      • Terugspoelen/vorige
      • Stoppen
      • Nederlands
      • Engels
      • Frans
      • Duits
      • Italiaans
      • Spaans
      • Zweeds
      Picture in Picture
      1 Tuner PiP
    • Accessoires

      Antennekabel, scart-kabel
      Batterijen inbegrepen
      2 x Longlife AA
      Beknopte installatiekaart
    • Afmetingen

      Diepte van de verpakking
      342  mm
      Hoogte van de verpakking
      182  mm
      Breedte van de verpakking
      539  mm
      Diepte van het product
      233  mm
      Hoogte van het product
      94  mm
      Breedte van het product
      435  mm
      Gewicht van het apparaat
      3,6  kg
      Gewicht (incl. verpakking)
      4,9  kg
    • Geluid

      Crosstalk (1 kHz)
      90  dB
      24-bits, 96 kHz
      Vervorming en ruis (1 kHz)
      80  dB
      Dynamisch bereik (1 kHz)
      90  dB
      > 95 dB
      • Dolby Digital
      • DTS
      • Nicam Stereo
      • Stereo
    • Video-opname

      • LP
      • SP
    • Audioweergave

      • Herhalen
      • Shuffle
      • Dolby Digital
      • DTS
      • MP3
      • Meerkanaals MPEG2
      • PCM
      Media afspelen
      • CD
      • CD-R
      • CD-RW
      • MP3-CD
      • A-B herhalen
      • Snel vooruit-/achteruitspoelen
      • Volgende/vorige album zoeken
      • Nummer/album/alles herhalen
      • Afspelen herhalen
      • Shuffle album/alles
      • Shuffle
      112 – 320 kbps
      Aantal audiokoppen
      1 lineaire, 2 roterende
      Aantal discs
    • Stilstaande beelden weergeven

      Media afspelen
      Compressieformaat van foto
      • Foto’s spiegelen
      • Roteren
      Stappen van 90 graden
    • Connectiviteit

      Audio-ingang voor video
      Audio links/rechts (RCA x 2)
      Audio-uitgang – analoog
      Stereo (rode/witte cinch)
      Audio-uitgang – digitaal
      Coaxiaal (cinch)
      Ext. 1 scart
      • Audio L/R
      • CVBS in/uit
      • RGB
      • Audio in/uit
      Ext. 2 scart
      • Audio L/R
      • CVBS in/uit
      • RGB
      • Audio L/R in
      • CVBS in
      Andere aansluitingen
      • Analoge audio-uitgang links/rechts
      • Composiet video-uitgang (CVBS)
      • Digitale coaxiale uitgang
      • RF-antenne in/TV uit
      Uitgang achterzijde
      • Audio L/R-uitgang
      • Digitale coaxiale S/PDIF
      CVBS Video (RCA) 1x
      75  ohm
      Niveaus van het video-ingangssignaal
      0,7 Vpp
      Video-uitgang – analoog
      Composiet CVBS (gele cinch)
      Gesynchroniseerde invoer
      Samengestelde synchronisatie
    • Vermogen

      220 – 240 V

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  • Sony Betacam SP UVW-1200p PAL Video Recorder Player

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    Met deze Sony UVW-1200P Beta SP player Beta recorder kun je analoge Beta SP tapes afspelen.

    In nette staat !!

    179,95 incl. 21% BTW
  • Sony U-Matic VP-7040 video cassette player

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    Triple standard Type VII U-matic Player, PAL, SECAM and Modified NTSC playback.Features picture search (5xFWD,REV), still picture, LED real time counter and external sync input. Optional Frame Code and RS-232C capability with BKU-701, and optional parallel remote capability (33-pin) with BKU-702. 4 Rack units high.* Requires the use of a quad standard monitor or projector with a “Q” suffix for color playback.


    • Multi Standard Playback (PAL, SECAM, NTSC 4.43)
    • Frame Code
    • RS-232C Interface Capability
    • Real Time Counter
    • Picture Search
    • Long Pause
    • A six digit absolute address code from 000000 to 299999 and is generated on each frame of the video source by using the FCG-700 Frame Code Generator.
    • Provides an accurate indication of the tape running time.
    • Recognizable color pictures at 5 times normal speed in both the forward and reverse directions can be obtained in the search mode. It is useful when trying to find desired pictures.
    • When the tape is kept in pause mode for more than 8 minutes, the VTR is automatically set into the “Long Pause” mode. In this mode, the tape is loosened around the head to prevent tape damage and to protect the video head.
    • Playback in PAL, SECAM and NTSC
    • Using the BKU-701 Computer Inferface Board external computer control capability is possible through the RS-232C connector. Accurate auto search, auto repeat, and random access can be executed with this Frame code operation system.
    • Output: LINE: -5dB(at 47k ohm load), unbalancedMonitor: -5dB(at 47k ohm load), unbalanced
    • Videocassette: Sony KCA-BRS, KCA-XBR, KCS-BRS, KCS-XBR type or equivalent
    • Video signal system: CCIR/EIA monochrome,PAL/SECAM and NTSC* color
    • Operating temperature: 5C40C(41F104F)
    • Tape speed: 9.53cm/sec.
    • Fast forward time: Less than 4 min. (with Sony KCA-60 U-matic videocassettes)
    • Rewind time: Less than 4 min. (with Sony KCA-60 U-matic videocassettes)
    • Horizontal resolution: 250 lines(color/monochrome)
    • S/N ratio: Better than 45dB(color)
    • External sync input: 2.5V(1.0 – 5.0V)p-p, 75ohms, unbalanced, sync negative
    • Distortion: Less than 2%
    • Frequency response: 50Hz15kHz
    • Wow and flutter: 0.23%DIN
    • Power requirements: AC 220240V, 50/60HzAC 100120V, 50/60Hz(USA model)
    • Operating voltage: AC 198264VAC 90132V(USA model)
    • Power consumption: 58W(with the BKU-702,RM-580 and RFK-660)
    • Playback time: 60 min.(with Sony KCA-60 U-matic videocassettes)
    • Search speed: 5 times normal speed in both the forward and reverse directions(STILL,1/30, 1/10, 1/5, 1/2, 1, 2, 5, 8 times normal speed with the BKU-702 and RM-580)
    • Output: 1.0Vp-p0.2V,75ohms, unbalanced, sync negative
    • S/N ratio: Better than 45dB(color)
    • S/N ratio: Better than 50dB(at 3% distortion)
    • Output: LINE: -5dB(at 47k ohm load), unbalancedMonitor: -5dB(at 47k ohm load), unbalanced

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